Sweet Chicks

Address: 164 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Other location in LES)

My Review:

Oh man where do I start (lol). So I decided to check out this place after a friend made a recommendation. Located in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Sweet Chicks is absolutely a very lovely restaurant to come to. With its Brooklyn feel, vintage look to the restaurant and the soft mellow jazzy/reggae music playing in the  background, the atmosphere to this restaurant was just right.

I arrived right in time for their brunch menu and decided to order the good old chicken and Belgian waffles with a side order of Mac and Cheese and of course a glass of Mimosa.  I honestly must say the Mac and Cheese were AMAZING!!! I’m a big Mac and Cheese lover and this was prepared just perfectly. Very tasty, not to cheesy but with a lovely erotic enjoyable taste to it, I almost caught myself having a food orgasm (lol). The chicken was well done, could have used a little more flavor. I wish I had enjoy space in my stomach for dessert but couldn’t.

Overall I give this place a whopping 4 stars and two thumbs up. I definitely will be back to try more of the menu options and dessert. I definitely recommend you try the Mac and Cheese if you decide to go here. Its definitely a good place for groups as well. Make sure you use all the butter mainly the blueberry butter for your waffles.


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