Join us at Dinner With Tayo, your simple guide to exploring exciting tastes and interesting food tales from around the world. No matter if you want to try cooking cool dishes at home or are looking to discover great places to eat out, we’re here to help you.

Back in 2013, because of a bunch of messages, tweets, and comments from people keen on food and looking for recipes and tips, I decided to combine my interest in healthy living, love for taking pictures, and joy for traveling and eating out into one clear idea. That’s how Dinner With Tayo started.

Our recipe section offers a rich variety of tasty and healthy meals ranging from fancy dishes from other countries to the comforting home-style southern soul food and everything in between. Whether you’re in the mood for a fancy seafood dish, a big steak, or a hearty vegan meal, we have something to please everyone.

At Dinner With Tayo, we strongly believe that sharing food experiences can make friendships stronger and bring people together. We are more than just a place to find food information; we’re a group aimed at creating friendship and unity through the love of food.




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