EBI-AYO SUPPER CLUB The Ultimate Dining Experience with Chef Tayo

The Ebi-Ayo Supper Club is a unique dining series that combines the communal essence of “Ebi” (family in Yoruba) and the joyous spirit of “Ayo” (meaning joy or happiness) to provide guests with a memorable culinary journey.

Our menu blends traditions and tastes, offering an evening where communal dining connects with Chef Tayo’s artistry as he integrates his Nigerian heritage with Italian and Costa Rican influences in a 5-course meal served family-style, each dish a showcase of creativity and culinary excellence. Joining this dinner offers guests a chance to enjoy fantastic dishes, connect across cultures, and strengthen community bonds through a mutual appreciation of food, all complemented by carefully chosen wines to enhance your dining experience.

The Ebi-Ayo Supper Club also supports a noble cause. A portion of our proceeds proudly supports Operation Spread The Love. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the community through support and feeding of the homeless, along with assisting those in need every quarter.

As we aim to create opportunities that positively impact the lives of others, we invite you to join us at the chef’s table for an evening of great company, delicious meals and creating long lasting memories.

Cheers, see you at the chef’s table! 🎉🍴


Ijebu Seafood Ceviche marries the zestful, citrusy essence of classic South American ceviche with the rich, spicy undertones of Nigerian pepper soup, introducing a unique culinary masterpiece.  This dish serves as a vibrant celebration of Nigeria’s flavorful heritage and the global love for seafood.

The Yoruba Garden Salad is a vibrant homage to the rich agricultural heritage of the Yoruba people, featuring an abundance of fresh, summer flavors that capture the essence of the season. This refreshing dish combines crisp vegetables, fragrant herbs, and a light, citrusy dressing, making it a perfect celebration of Yoruba culinary traditions and the bounty of summer gardens.

Lobster Jollof Risotto is a luxurious dish that marries the spicy and flavorful essence of West African Jollof rice with the creamy, comforting texture of Italian Risotto. This culinary creation is a thrilling food journey, featuring the bold and vibrant flavors of tomatoes and spices characteristic of Jollof rice, seamlessly blended with the creamy, rich consistency of perfectly cooked Risotto. The inclusion of lobster and shrimp elevates this dish, making it an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Fried Fufu Gnocchi with oxtail stew is a culinary blend of African and Italian traditions, this dish marries the unique texture of fufu with the comforting flavors of homemade gnocchi. Made from African yams and premium potatoes, it’s made to perfection and served with our signature oxtail stew. Experience a world of flavor in every bite.

Golden Ricotta Puff-Puffs are like little pockets of joy! They’re made from the crispy, fried dough we love in Nigerian puff-puff and have a sweet ricotta cheese topping with honey and a bit of lemon zest. It’s a fun dessert where Nigerian puff-puff meets yummy Italian flavors. When you bite into one, you get a mix of sweet, tangy, and creamy all at once. It’s a tasty adventure that’s sure to make your taste buds dance!

For list of ingredients in each dish please click here.

Wine pairing is included to enhance and elevate the flavors of your dining experience.


** The cost of the dinner includes compensation for our dedicated staff, ensuring exceptional service throughout your dining experience.

For group bookings and private dinner inquiries, please send us a message here.


Right now, it’s 9:10 AM GMT, and I’m in a safari truck with two fellow guests from my lodge. On my left, a young lady hands me a silver container holding my breakfast – a tasty bacon, egg, and tomato sandwich, along with some yogurt, a banana, an apple, and crackers. Up front, our driver skillfully mixes drinks, a delightful blend of Amarula cream liqueur and hot tea. To my right, a breathtaking scene unfolds: majestic elephants and other wildlife roam freely, with the impressive outline of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background. At this moment, I realize that Amboseli, Kenya, is truly special. Here I am, enjoying what might just be the best breakfast experience of my life.

My journey to this incredible place began with my stay at Tawi Lodge, nestled in the heart of Amboseli. Over four days, I embarked on an adventure that left a lasting mark on my soul.

First on my list was the Game Drive, a thrilling adventure into the wild. Our destination was Amboseli National Park, known as the “home of the African elephants.” As we entered the park, the scenery transformed into a vibrant display of natural beauty. It didn’t take long before I came face-to-face with the charming residents of the savannah – elephants, giraffes, ostriches, flamingos, buffalo, Lesser Kudu, hyenas, African eagles, and countless bird species. It was a captivating spectacle, a peek into the complex web of life in the African wilderness.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. Our journey led us to Tawi Conservancy, where nature’s wonders continued to amaze me. Here, I admired the balance of coexisting ecosystems and relished the breathtaking views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The highlight was breakfast in the heart of the park, a unique experience that allowed me to enjoy my meal surrounded by the natural symphony of Amboseli.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, a new chapter of my adventure unfolded – the Sundowners. This enchanting activity quickly became a favorite. At Tawi Conservancy, just outside the lodge, we gathered in comfy camp chairs, embraced by the warmth of a crackling fire. Chilled drinks and delicious food completed the scene, but the real star was the backdrop – the awe-inspiring presence of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a moment of peace, a time for reflection, and a chance to witness the sun bidding farewell in the most magnificent way.

My journey into the heart of Amboseli also allowed me to explore the rich tapestry of Maasai culture. A visit to the local Maasai community introduced me to the welcoming village chief and the fascinating Maasai way of life. Inside one of their homes, we discussed their traditions, and I learned that these homes are crafted by skilled Maasai women. The day became even more memorable as I joined in their traditional dance, a lively celebration of their heritage and unity.

On the way back, I spontaneously decided to visit a local community nursery and primary school. There, I encountered the enthusiastic faces of Maasai children, full of hope. Spending time with them and talking to a teacher offered a moving glimpse into their world. The teacher shared their urgent needs, emphasizing the importance of school supplies and access to clean water. This unplanned visit reminded me of the power of small acts of kindness and inspired me to contribute to community building.

However, the true enchantment of my stay at Tawi Lodge lay in its lodging, staff, and culinary delights. Each morning, I awoke to the majestic presence of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the gentle sounds of wildlife, a soothing natural symphony. The staff and team at the lodge weren’t just hosts; they became family. Their genuine care and warmth created a sense of belonging, with individuals like Gabriel and Chef Emmanuel leaving a lasting impression.

And then there was the food – a culinary journey of refreshing and flavorful dishes. The dedication of the culinary team was evident in every bite. With a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the lodge ensured that each meal was a delightful experience. Guests could choose from the daily menu in advance, and the chefs would work their magic, ensuring a culinary masterpiece awaited us upon our return from daily activities.

My overall experience at Tawi Lodge in Amboseli was truly exceptional. It was a journey that touched my heart, mind, and soul. From the incredible wildlife encounters to the heartwarming moments with the Maasai community, every day brought a new adventure. The lodging, staff, and food added layers of comfort and joy to this unforgettable trip. Amboseli, with its striking landscapes and incredible wildlife, offers solace to the heart, and Tawi Lodge, with its warm hospitality, becomes a home away from home. On a scale of one to ten, my experience was undoubtedly a resounding ten – and I couldn’t have asked for a better journey.

A Food Lover’s Dream: Experiencing the Best of Costa Rica

Imagine a place where every turn offers a visual feast and every meal is a celebration of flavors. This is what I experienced during my trip in Las Catalina Costa Rica. This journey wasn’t just about discovering new places; it was about immersing myself in a world where culinary artistry meets the unspoiled beauty of nature. Let me take you on this unique journey and show you why Costa Rica should be next on your travel list.

Las Catalina in Costa Rica is a destination that transcends the typical travel experience, offering a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and culinary delight. The essence of this location is captured at Casa Chameleon, where modern luxury meets the unspoiled beauty of nature, creating a harmonious balance that is both inviting and exhilarating.

From the moment you step into the tranquil oasis of Casa Chameleon, you are greeted with a harmonious blend of modern luxury and natural beauty. The culinary adventure begins at Sentido Norte Restaurant, where you are treated to breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean at sunset. The restaurant’s menu, crafted with local ingredients and a creative twist, is a celebration of Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity, culture, and flavors. Each dish is a work of art, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the country.

The journey continues with an exploration of Costa Rican cuisine led by Chef Jose Lopez. This experience is more than a hike; it’s an educational journey through local farms, uncovering the origins of the fresh ingredients that make up the exquisite dishes. This deepens the understanding of the profound connection between the land and Costa Rican cuisine.

Conversations with chefs like Jose Lopez uncover a deep passion for culinary innovation that is deeply rooted in traditional Costa Rican cooking. Chef Jose, along with his peers, is dedicated to creating dishes that do more than just satisfy the palate; they weave intricate stories of heritage and sustainability into their culinary creations. His philosophy extends beyond the mere creation of delicious food, focusing instead on crafting dishes that resonate with the tales and values of cultural and environmental preservation. This philosophy transforms the act of eating into a comprehensive experience that goes beyond mere taste, emphasizing the importance of fully experiencing and appreciating food in a holistic manner.

The journey culminates at La Pampa Grill, where the rustic charm of Costa Rica is captured in every bite. The simple art of grilling brings out the natural flavors of locally-sourced meats and vegetables, embodying the simplicity and richness of the local cuisine.

A visit to Casa Chameleon at Las Catalina is more than a mere getaway; it’s a sensory journey that intertwines the essence of Costa Rican culture, cuisine, and nature. The breathtaking landscapes, innovative culinary experiences, and the warmth of the people offer a unique blend that captivates and inspires. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, Las Catalina in Costa Rica is a destination where every view is a postcard, and the experience stays with you long after your return home.

Community Service: Operation Spread The Love

Food and Love are the two common factors that bring people together. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” is also a common phrase we’ve all heard at some point in our lives.

The goal for Operation Spread The Love is to essentially spread love through distributing “Care Packages”. These packages contain home-cooked meals along with water, toiletries, and a positive, caring personal hand-written message.

Food Distribution Location: Downtown LA (primarily Skidrow and surrounding areas) with a small team.

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Connect With Us.  Donations are more than welcome and very much needed in order to reach our goal of feeding at least 100 individuals. We are asking for a minimum of $20, or whatever your heart leads you to donate will be greatly appreciated. The donations will primarily cover the following purchases: food ingredients, bottled water, utensils, food containers, and toiletries.


Would you like to be a volunteer?  CLICK HERE or DM @Chef.Tayo on Instagram

Let’s come together and be a blessing to others. My hope is as we bless others, God will be a blessing unto us as well. One nice home-cooked meal and a bottle of water can go a long way for someone in need and put a smile on their face.

I hope you are just as excited as I am because together, we can make our cities, towns, and world a better place.



How Cooking Together Meets All Love Language

Have you ever been in the middle of cooking and felt a warmth that’s more than just the heat from the stove? When we cook with someone we care about, it’s not just about the meal we’re preparing. It’s about shared laughter, memories in the making, and a gentle way of showing love. Cooking side by side is like whispering “I love you” without saying the words.

Let’s delve deeper into why cooking together feels so much like speaking the language of the heart:

1. Quality Time:

When two people choose to cook together, they’re setting aside everything else and focusing solely on each other. The stirring, tasting, and collaboration become a dance of two souls intertwining. It’s a special time that feels almost therapeutic.

2. Acts of Service

There’s a silent, loving gesture in cooking for someone, and it amplifies when you cook together. Whether you’re chopping vegetables or stirring a simmering pot, each step taken to cater to your loved one’s taste is a testament to thoughtfulness.

3. Physical Touch: It might surprise you, but cooking is quite intimate. Think of those simple moments: a soft touch on the back, a playful nudge, or a quick hug while waiting for the pot to boil. These little moments add warmth to the experience.

4. Gift Giving: After all the mixing, frying, and baking, the final dish is a gift. It’s not just about the flavors, but the love and effort that went into creating it. When shared, it becomes a gift of memories, tastes, and love.

5. Words of Affirmation: During the cooking process and while enjoying the meal, the compliments and words of gratitude exchanged affirm love and appreciation. Every “This tastes amazing” or “Thank you for cooking with me” is a verbal embrace.

Renowned relationship expert, Dr. Gary Chapman, identified five primary ways people express love, known as the “love languages.” Fascinatingly, cooking together seems to touch on every single one of them.

So, the next time you’re pondering over a special way to bond with someone, invite them into the kitchen. Together, discover the delicious and heartfelt joys of cooking. After all, love can be as simple as sharing a meal you’ve made together. 🍲❤️

How to Make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes – A Step-by-Step Guide

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are the perfect breakfast treat that everyone will love. Imagine taking a fluffy pancake and mixing it with the sweet, spicy taste of a cinnamon roll. You get the best of both worlds! With swirls of cinnamon sugar and a creamy glaze on top, these pancakes are so yummy, you won’t want to stop at just one. They’re easy to make and perfect for a cozy morning at home. Try them today and make breakfast extra special.

Here’s a simple recipe for Cinnamon Roll Pancakes that combines the fluffy texture of pancakes with the sweet, spicy flavor of cinnamon rolls. This recipe serves 4 people and makes about 8 pancakes.


For the Pancake Batter:

  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup almond milk (or your milk of choice)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the Cinnamon Filling:

  • 4 tablespoon butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of the pancake batter

For the Maple Glaze:

  • 2 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tablespoons almond milk (or your milk of choice)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Prepare the Cinnamon Filling:

In a small bowl, mix together the melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon until smooth. Transfer the mixture into a small plastic sandwich bag, and snip a small portion of the corner off.

Prepare the Maple Glaze:

In another bowl, beat the softened butter with powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract until smooth. Set aside.

Make the Pancakes:

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
In a separate bowl, beat the egg and then add milk, melted butter, and vanilla extract.
Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix just until combined. A few lumps are okay.

Cook the Pancakes:

Heat a large non-stick skillet or griddle over medium heat.
For each pancake, pour 1/4 cup of batter onto the skillet.
Once the batter is on the skillet, using the pipping bag, carefully swirl the cinnamon filling into the pankcake. Try to avoid getting it too close to the edges.
Cook until bubbles appear on the surface, then flip the pancake and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes until browned.

Assemble and Serve:

Drizzle the glaze over the pancakes while they are still warm.
Serve immediately and enjoy your delicious Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!

Optional: You can also add some chopped pecans or walnuts on top for a crunchy texture.

There you have it! Enjoy your breakfast, brunch, or anytime treat with these yummy Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

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