EBI-AYO SUPPER CLUB The Ultimate Dining Experience with Chef Tayo

We are excited to introduce the Ebi-Ayo Supper Club, a remarkable dining series in Los Angeles, CA, offering an unforgettable culinary adventure. “Ebi” in Yoruba signifies “family,” reflecting the communal nature of our dining, while “Ayo” means “joy” or “happiness,” embodying our positive spirit and the essence of our dinners.

Imagine an evening where the bold flavors of Italian cuisine beautifully merge with the vibrant and lively tastes of Nigerian dishes. You’ll be part of a unique community, enjoying a delectable 5-course meal served family-style, each dish thoughtfully accompanied by hand-selected wines to enhance your experience.

Chef Tayo, skilled and passionate about both food cultures, has crafted a 5-course family-style menu blending his Nigerian heritage and love for Italian cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. He believes in family-style dining as a means to build connections and community through shared meals. To enrich this experience, each course is paired with three specially chosen wines that complement and elevate the flavors.

Beyond providing an exceptional dining experience, the Ebi-Ayo Supper Club also supports a noble cause. A portion of our proceeds proudly supports Operation Spread The Love. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the community through regular support and feeding of the homeless, along with assisting those in need every quarter.

By attending our dinner series, guests will not only enjoy fantastic meals and also help bring different cultures closer. Plus, they’ll be supporting the important work in the community.

We look forward to sharing delicious food, incredible wines, and the significant contributions of African cuisine to the culinary world with you. Join us for an evening filled with delightful dishes and memorable moments!

See you at the chef’s table! 🎉🍴


Creamy Amore Pepper Soup, is a tasty blend of classic Nigerian spice and Italian creaminess. Imagine the warmth of Nigerian pepper soup, but with a smooth, velvety touch from Italy. It’s a spicy treat that feels like a cozy hug with every spoonful. Perfect for those who love a mix of bold and gentle flavors!

Truffle Suya Shrimp Bruschetta, a blend of Italian and Nigerian flavors. It upgrades classic bruschetta by topping garlic-toasted bread with grilled shrimp seasoned with Nigerian Suya—peanuts, ginger, and chili. This spicy, smoky appetizer offers a texture contrast and a burst of global flavors, ideal for adventurous palates.

Seafood Jollof Risotto, enhanced with the addition of succulent lobster and tender shrimp, is a luxurious dish that marries the spicy and flavorful essence of West African Jollof rice with the creamy, comforting texture of Italian Risotto. This culinary creation is a thrilling food journey, featuring the bold and vibrant flavors of tomatoes and spices characteristic of Jollof rice, seamlessly blended with the creamy, rich consistency of perfectly cooked Risotto. The inclusion of lobster and shrimp elevates this dish, making it an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Fried Fufu Gnocchi with oxtail stew is a culinary blend of African and Italian traditions, this dish marries the unique texture of fufu with the comforting flavors of homemade gnocchi. Made from African yams and premium potatoes, it’s made to perfection and served with our signature oxtail stew. Experience a world of flavor in every bite.

Golden Ricotta Puff-Puffs are like little pockets of joy! They’re made from the crispy, fried dough we love in Nigerian puff-puff and have a sweet ricotta cheese topping with honey and a bit of lemon zest. It’s a fun dessert where Nigerian puff-puff meets yummy Italian flavors. When you bite into one, you get a mix of sweet, tangy, and creamy all at once. It’s a tasty adventure that’s sure to make your taste buds dance!

For list of ingredients in each dish please click here.

Three specially selected wines are included, each paired with appetizers and entrees to enhance and elevate the flavors. These chosen wines are unlimited and expertly matched to complement each course.



MARCH 2024


** The cost of the dinner includes compensation for our dedicated staff, ensuring exceptional service throughout your dining experience.

For group bookings and private dinner inquiries, please send us a message here.

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