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If you love Korean BBQ just as much as I do, Jongro BBQ is the place you need to be at. After craving Korean BBQ all weekend long, I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting this restaurant. Located in Korean Town (22 W 32nd St, NY), this restaurant offers you fresh and delicious options on their menu. The menu does have a lot of options to work with so I would say do your little research before you head there. I definitely had the “WTH face” looking at the menu trying to decide on what to order.

Now here’s the good part, the part I get to talk about the food I ate. The Kimchi Bulgogi Gobdol (last picture at the bottom) comes with a choice of beef, pork, chicken, or tofu with a combination of vegetables–cucumber, spinach, and mung bean sprouts. The stone pot retains heat, forming a crisp crust of rice on the bottom. Mixed with goshujang, a chili pepper paste that packs pleasant heat and a bit of sweetness, together it’s a satisfying combination.

The Grilled pork belly BBQ seems to be the popular dish. The cooking and serving is done right at the table. You get to see this delicious dish made right in front of you. The dish is served with Samjang, teriyaki and bean powder, Kimchi (cabbage), onions, lettuce, and macaroni salad. After your pork belly is grilled up nicely, grab one, dip it into the teriyaki/bean powder and enjoy the explosion of flavor and taste burst in your mouth. You can also make a small size burrito, using the lettuce as a wrap, add the pork, onions, kimchi (cabbage) and sauce of your choice.

My experience at Jongro BBQ was definitely worth the trip. It’s also a good restaurant for group outing. So next time you are looking for an Asian cuisine, I recommend going out to Jongro BBQ. To all my non meat lovers, don’t worry they have options as well to satisfy your taste bud.

Jongro Boo is official Dinner With Tayo Approved! Enjoy

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